Guard Your Gutters Against Gunk

Choose us for gutter guard installation in Patchogue, NY

No one looks forward to paying someone to clean their gutters or, worse yet, cleaning out the gunk themselves. Luckily, JI Roofing & Exteriors Corp offers affordable gutter guard services in the Patchogue, NY area. We are a certified contractor with LeafGuard, and we guarantee that after you schedule a gutter guard installation, your gutters will never clog.

Behold the benefits of LeafGuard

Behold the benefits of LeafGuard

Yes, LeafGuard keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters to prevent clogging, but it's so much more. After the gutter guard installation is complete, you will see that it also:

  • Reduces the difficulty and frequency of cleaning
  • Stops the overflow of water
  • Reduces the possibility of rust and decay
  • Protects against fires from debris
  • Delivers clean water
There are plenty other important benefits, too. Call us today to schedule a gutter guard service.